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With the UK government’s announcement to stop the sale of all petrol and diesel engine vehicles by 2030 more and more electric vehicles will need to enter the vehicle pool, the recharging of a vehicle’s battery will become a key component to the speed of electric roll out. HPC intend to be in a position where we can help to satisfy demand offering installations to vehicle manufacturers, charge point manufacturers, B-2-B service providers, retailers, and the pubic.

How does it work?

An EV charging point is an electrical socket that’s connected directly to an independent fuse supply on your fuse box. The amount of power the unit can draw and therefore the speed at which it can charge is dependent on the size of power supply going into the property and fuse box that the EV charger is connected to. The charging point is designed to draw more electricity from the properties supply, enabling them to charge the car more quickly. The kits are designed to be safe and come with a securing mechanism to stop the plug from coming loose while the vehicle is on charge.

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The Process…

Charging points are installed on a suitable wall, for example, in your garage or on an external wall near your driveway.
Our service will include:
  • A site survey will be carried out with images of where the unit will be installed.
  • The engineer will carry out the installation of the EV charge point in line with the agreed specification, running all cables securely to the fuse board and taking images before and after the work is completed.
  • This visit will be followed by one of our in-house electricians who will connect the unit to the fuse box.
  • Finally, the vehicle (if available) will be plugged into the charger tested and the customer shown how to operate the charging device.
  • All jobs will be signed off by the customer with the completed job sheet which includes images of the installation. These job sheets are automatically loaded on to our client on-line library at point the job is completed, enabling all work to be fully auditable.

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