Terms & Conditions

Welcome, the Hyde Park Corner portal is designed for partner information; if your business already partners with HPC, or is interested in partnering with HPC, this platform is where you will access your shared company data. Terms and Conditions will be formed as part of contractual engagements and will supersede the details provided here.

For individuals who are accessing this information via our Online Booking facilities, HPC request that you read these terms and conditions, follow the instructions, and confirm you are happy to proceed via the Online Booking start page.

The term “we/us” is used in our T&C and privacy policy to refer to Hyde Park Corner (HPC). The term “Third Party” is used to refer to anyone who is not you or Hyde Park Corner.

We may collect, store and process minimal personal information about you and your vehicle. Data is limited to the bare minimum required to allow us to carry out high quality installation and service work.

Personal information may be provided to us from our partner companies in accordance with their own privacy policies; we strongly recommend that you are aware of any terms and conditions and privacy policies in place before allowing HPC to carry out installation or service work on their behalf. We may capture new personal information during the Online Booking process; all personal data captured is received, stored, processed, and retained in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We require you to read and accept the Privacy Policy below for us to provide goods and services to you.


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