With the ever-increasing volume of hybrid vehicles into the UK vehicle pool, electrical systems vehicle battery replacement is becoming increasingly more complicated.

Batteries are increasingly being manufactured specifically for vehicles with over 70%+ of newer vehicles having Start/Stop technology.

If a vehicle has this functionality and an AGM battery fitted, then the replacement battery must be of the same technology and of no less electrical performance.

It is essential that the correct battery is fitted, failure to do this will result in the vehicle not working. Many vehicles require the battery to be programmed to the vehicle which in turn requires specialist diagnostic tooling.

A ‘start / stop’ battery supplies the starter motor with a larger current to enable the car to re-start at the press of a pedal.

Unlike a regular battery, Start / Stop battery technology sometimes referred to as micro hybrid, automatically switches off a car’s engine when the vehicle has stopped to conserve fuel helping car manufacturers cut C02 emissions.

It is important to understand that the continuous cycling feature in a Start / Stop car would fail if a standard battery was fitted as they are not designed to be discharged and recharged on a cycle in this way. Standard batteries are only designed to start the car. While they look very similar to standard batteries, the internal construction is different.

AGM can be replaced with AGM batteries and AFB can be replaced with either AFB or AGM batteries.

Working with some of the Uk’s largest automotive retailers & resellers we have adapted our installation service and engineer skillset to now be in a position where we can offer a mobile battery replacement service across the whole of the UK with ROI scheduled to be on-line by the end of Q1 2022.

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