Why your Supermarket needs a Delivery Tracking Software

Posted on February 6, 2023

Ever wondered how you can increase your delivery efficiency and generate a seamless customer journey? 

If you’re the owner of a supermarket chain, the delivery tracking platform can be integrated within the website or the mobile app and it can help you track deliveries in real-time. If your business involves pickup and delivery services, you’ll be pleased to know that the delivery tracking software can boost your business and create a smooth delivery experience for your loyal customers.  

Here at Hyde Park Corner, our team of engineers is specialised in the fitment to cars, vans, LCV’s, Blue light vehicles and HGV based scoped projects. We can install GPS tracking cameras out of hours and across multiple sites nationally, without disrupting your business activity and keeping the clients down time to a minimum.  

If you’re looking to save time, have real-time updates and enhance the efficiency of your business, we’ve rounded up the key benefits of why you should consider implementing a delivery tracking software: 

  1. Improved communication with your customers 

Focusing on customer communication is key to the long-term success of any business. Understanding who your customers are and what they truly need is vital and regular communication will help you adapt to meet their demands and ultimately, grow your business.  

Using a delivery tracking software will send your customer base important notifications via email or phone regarding the status of their shopping parcels or groceries until they are delivered to their door. Research shows that  77% of consumers have a positive perception of your business if you text them important information. 

Additionally, having a delivery tracking software will align with your business objectives of achieving customer satisfaction and retention. The parcels can be tracked until the last mile using GPS tracking and the customer will be in the loop at all times of any changes or updates regarding their delivery. 

  1. Real-time updates of your delivery team 

As a business owner, it’s essential to keep track of the progress of your delivery team. Using live GPS tracking, you can receive real-time information regarding the exact location of your delivery boys, their tasks and delivery schedule, thus giving you peace of mind.  

  1. Employee performance overview  

The delivery tracking software also offers you the opportunity to track the performance of your employees and discover if there are any patterns that might affect your business. For instance, you can monitor how many of the deliveries you had scheduled for the day were delayed or even failed. Therefore, you can better understand which one of your delivery agents are not performing up to the high standards of your business, analyse the results and make room for any improvements. 

  1. Manage your business seamlessly  

If you’re a larger business like a supermarket chain, the delivery tracking software allows you to delegate tasks in bulk simultaneously to your drivers, which in return will save you time and resources.  

  1. Out of hours fitting 

Our engineers are our greatest asset in delivering consistent installation quality. No matter what your needs are, our team can deliver GPS tracking fitting out of hours, thus you can rest assured your supermarket services won’t be affected and we won’t disrupt the activity of your employees and clients.  

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, the delivery tracking software is the optimal solution that ensures successful business operation and management and ultimately, it provides your customers with a transparent, safe and smooth delivery experience.  

Not sure what tracking system is best for your business? Get in touch with our team today and let’s discuss your next installation project.  

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